‘Let’s tell, capture our true history’

Innocent Ruwende Senior Reporter
Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged Zimbabweans to take advantage of the Harare International Carnival to capture the country’s history in creative floats that tell the true story of injustices of colonialism.

Speaking at the carnival welcome reception in Harare yesterday, VP Mnangagwa said he wishes to see the four established economic pillars, of agriculture, mining, manufacturing and tourism under the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio Economic Transformation Programme (Zim-Asset) coming to tell their own story through dynamic displays.

“Proceed to capture the glory of restitution initiated by our liberation struggle, to our food self-sufficiency and security inherent now in our new model of equitability and equal access to land.

“In the area of enablers, I will cite how, for example, energy floats can explain to the nation our current challenges in meeting demand against the backdrop of climate change which has undermined hydroelectric generation,” he said.

A regional pool float showing Southern African Power Pool is imperative to show how the problem is not akin to Zimbabwe.

VP Mnangagwa said this could be followed by floats on the country’s renewable or clean energy solutions that include solar and biomass power generation, among others.

“In the area of literacy and education, we have an untold story of being the most literate country in Africa, at 94 percent. With many tertiary institutions commissioned since independence, this is an opportunity to market our human capital/exports to the world, and to ourselves.

“Our national sporting disciplines will have no better opportunity than these carnivals as they link pavement and street style with their bases,” he said.

He said Government endorsed the Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry’s ‘pursuit of happiness’ concept, wherein he intimated the sum total of Government’s actions and programmes for the people including Zim-Asset which should be for the happiness of the people.

He thanked the Democratic Republic of Congo for partnering the country in this year’s event.

Harare Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni, welcomed the visitors from more than 20 countries and urged them to take interest in tourism facilities which range from game parks, bird sanctuaries, water bodies, residential estates and the ever green township tourism.

“Last year the Brazilian Samba dancers caused a stir in Harare . . . we hope this year they have come prepared to incite and excite our people. I will certainly attend the samba night.

“The inclusion of local artistes in the carnival calendar should be commended as it affords our own international appeal and exposure,” he said.