PSMAS boss’ hearing deferred

Mr Mandishona

Mr Mandishona

Herald Reporter
The hearing for Premier Service Medical Aid Society managing director Mr Henry Mandishona ,who is on forced leave, has been deferred to October 23.

The hearing was supposed to be held yesterday, but was moved to October 23 at the request of his lawyer.

PSMAS spokesperson Mr Arthur Choga said the society was ready to proceed with the disciplinary hearing but his lawyer indicated that he was not ready to proceed in the absence of further particulars requested on Wednesday, a day prior to his disciplinary hearing.

“While the society undertook to supply the requested particulars by close of business on October 9 2015, Mr (Innocent) Chagonda (Mr Mandishona’s lawyer) indicated he had prior commitments and would only be available on 23 October 2015. The matter was eventually postponed by consent, to that date,” said Mr Choga.

Mr Mandishona was sent on forced leave at the beginning of last month pending investigations.

His charges include derailing work done by the society’s interim management led by Dr Gibson Mhlanga from the ministry of Health and Child Care by awarding himself a salary above the agreed limit.

It is further alleged that Mr Mandishona awarded two heads of departments Mr Farai Jemwa ( Human Resources) and Mr Eliah Madondo (Head of Finance), whom he recruited recently, salaries that were above the prescribed limit against the society’s transformation process to contain costs.

Mr Mandishona is also facing allegations of forging documents and abuse of office through various acts such as misrepresenting the board’s position to stakeholders and giving himself unapproved allowances.

It is understood that in some instances he would write letters to stakeholders and sign off as if they were coming from the board without its knowledge.

Mr Mandishona was appointed into office on May 1 this year after PSMAS members agreed to abolish the post of group chief executive officer at an annual general meeting held in Harare.

He had only served for four months at the helm of the society after previously serving as human resources director for the society’s investment arm, Premier Service Medical Investments (PSMI).