Makoni labels Zanu PF “Murderers And Thieves”

Makoni, who came a distant third in the election widely believed to have been won by Prime Minister and Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai, said this on the social network Face book on Wednesday.

“Ladies and gentlemen we have not arrived just yet; this is not the Zimbabwe we want. This message needs to reach our colleagues who happen to be in the inclusive government,” he said.

“They are content to rub shoulders with murderers and thieves, as long as some of the proceeds from the plunder of our nation are given to them in the form of luxury cars, luxury offices and lavish travel.”

Makoni, who last year took President Robert Mugabe by surprise when he announced his decision to enter the Presidential race in February, also questioned the performance of the inclusive government.

In his critic Makoni urged ordinary Zimbabweans to start criticising all parties within the inclusive government not just Zanu PF.

Zimbabwe’s three main political parties led by Mugabe, Prime Minister Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara signed a Global Political Agreement (GPA) last September which led to the formation of the inclusive government in February.

“Who monitors the monitors? Who polices the police? Who ministers the ministers? Who governs the government? The people: you and I, we cannot afford to shirk from this our duty as citizens of Zimbabwe.

Some have said do not criticise MDC others are saying stop saying these things about ZANU PF and I say when the inclusive government starts delivering, then and only then will I seal my mouth and thank heavens,” wrote Makoni.

Makoni formed his own Mavambo/ Kusile/Dawn party early this year in the high density suburb of Mbare. He intends to run in the country’s next elections.

The party members have already split, with some having formed another political party in protest of Makoni’s leadership style.

Makoni is also a former executive secretary of Southern African Development Community (SADC) as well as former head of the state-owned Zimpapers group which owns The Herald, among other Daily Newspapers in Zimbabwe.