Teens and tradition

Instead of adopting foreign behaviours and cultures, teens are encouraged to preserve our culture

Instead of adopting foreign behaviours and cultures, teens are encouraged to preserve our culture

Nathaniel Magaya Cool Lifestyle Writer
Nowadays it is quite evident that teens have forgotten all about tradition in Zimbabwe to the detriment of our culture. First let us define the two terms. Dictionary.com says culture is the sum of attitudes, customs, and beliefs that distinguishes one group of people from another. The Merriam-Webster defines tradition as the handing down of information, beliefs, or customs from one generation to another. Adaptation of technology has resulted in us leaving behind the knowledge of where we came from and things our people used to do in the past. So the culture we have developed as teens is not related to our traditions thus creating a negative generation gap with our elders.

There is a huge lack of respect by teens and the grown-ups are definitely not appreciating it. Teens have greatly adopted foreign behaviours and cultures. This problem is affecting Zimbabwe’s teens on a very large scale. What is Zimbabwe’s future going to be like if this continues? For without tradition our culture is surely doomed.

Ashley Mukonori (18) said she understands culture as her traditional values and religion. She feels that teens are now forgetting their own cultures and she thinks that it is worth saving because nowadays teens are copying other cultures which compromises our dignity as Zimbabweans.

Yusuf Chinyanga (16) said teens have lost the way especially in just copying foreign fashion styles. “In the past women were not allowed to wear miniskirts and trousers not to mention a lot but nowadays those traditional dressing rules are being broken by female teens,” observed Yusuf.

Tsitsi Mukonowenzou (17) said she understood the term culture as the background of where one comes from and how he or she came to be who he or she is.

Alex Sibanda (19) said culture is what defines us human beings, it is a norm that must be followed and understood completely. He said that teens are being influenced by the people they respect, their role models and figures. He said inquiry to your grand parents is a good way of learning traditional culture and not to be too absorbed by the modern day gadgets or fashion styles is also good.

The influences of disrespect from teen’s role-models are definitely not helping the teens. I recommend that teens must admire role models worthy of their respect, love and admiration, they must adore people who inspire them to do great stuff in the world and people who influence them positively not negatively. Also respect is a two-way street for one to respect you; you must respect him or her first for without respect for one another we are broken as a nation. Don’t lose yourself or who you really are.

The writer is in Form One at Rockland Christian College in Westlea.