Our new bus has finally arrived

It was pomp and fanfare as Highlands Primary School commissioned a new bus

It was pomp and fanfare as Highlands Primary School commissioned a new bus

Nandi and Nzinga Mataire
When Highlands Primary School Deputy Head Mr Rusere announced that the school intended to buy a bus almost two years ago, very few ever thought they would live to see the day. But the day finally arrived. On September 26 on a sunny Saturday morning, we together with some parents and our teachers gathered in the school hall for the commissioning of the new bus, which Mr Rusere said was brought from China.

It was indeed a day to remember. First, traditional dancers opened the glorious event with their dances which put smiles on all those in attendance. The audience started applauding and ululating and this raised the confidence of the dancers. When the dancers finished showcasing their talents, the Grade Three choirs entered the stage and sung popular Christian rhymes.

It was after the performance of the Grade 3 Choir that the master of ceremony, Mr Maposa, introduced the guest of honour who was the district education officer Mr Musakanya, the headmistress Mrs Mandeya, our deputy head Mr Rusere and Mr Mukombwe who is the treasurer of the School Development Association (SDA).

Mrs Mandeya and Mr Rusere gave lovely speeches chronicling how the bus was bought from the contributions made by parents. The Ensemble Choir also sang a song thanking the Lord for the new bus. Nicole Zhanero, Albert Murove, Joan Chikuru and Jidider Mushwatu recited poems that all praised efforts by parents, staff and the SDA in purchasing the bus.

The deputy head Mr Rusere then announced that it was time for everyone to leave the hall to where the bus was stationed. We all then proceeded to the hostels where the bus was parked. Everyone was smiling and happy to see the majestic shiny bus which Mr Rusere described as a “lovely bird”.

There was a moment of humour when Mr Rusere could not locate the keys only to remember later that he had put them in a safe in his office. The bus was later unlocked and everyone had a chance to see its interior which smelled new and all the seats were wrapped in plastics.

The district education officer had the honour of cutting the ribbon and officially told parents that the bus now belonged to Government as the school property. People had a chance for a joyride for a short distance from school. Some hotel staff and prefects helped to serve food and refreshments to parents.

Everyone was happy to see the new bus as they were tired of the “lunch-box” Mazda truck which was old and could not carry enough students for trips or sports activities. The bus also has air-conditioning so one does not need to open windows and there are about two television sets that can entertain passengers.

We had a closing prayer from Pastor Kwaramba and parents and invited guests were told to feel free and be merry including having a braai at the school’s swimming pool area. I wish all schools in Harare were like our school, which has made it possible for us to have a modern bus for safe and comfortable travel when we go for school activities like sports and trips.

NB: Nandi and Nzinga are pupils at Highlands Primary School. Nandi is in Grade 6 Orange while Nzinga is in Grade 5 Orange.