Plumtree High gets greenlight to enrol girls

The Government has granted Plumtree High School permission to enrol girls to boost the school’s low enrolment figures. Speaking during his visit to the school, Primary and Secondary Education Minister, Lazarus Dokora said the school will, beginning next year, enrol border and day school girls at all levels. He said the school authorities should ensure proper boarding facilities for girls are in place by the end of the year.

The school’s administration led by headmaster Sipho Kumalo has since the beginning of the year, been awaiting approval to enrol girls for all the classes. They were early this year granted permission to enrol A-Level girls doing Science subjects but the girls had to be day scholars.

The minister said the infrastructure at the school shouldn’t just go to waste as there are pupils who can utilise it. He went on to say that January next year the school should have enrolled many girls and should provide proper boarding facilities for them. – The Chronicle.