School closed over strange sightings

THERE was gnashing of teeth at Chakohwa Primary School when six pupils allegedly spotted a mystical diminutive creature leapfrogging from one spot to another in the classroom as their teacher wrote an exercise on the chalkboard. Angry parents stormed the school on Monday to withdraw their children saying the current environment was not conducive for learning. This was despite the fact that Grade Sevens will be sitting for exams next month.

The Manica Post gathered from pupils, parents, traditional leaders and teachers that the alleged creature could be a goblin. It moved from one point to the other in the Grade Five classroom. Parents were left convinced that the classroom was haunted following another mystical incident involving a donkey in 2013. The alleged creature had contact with one of the kids and the child’s mother Mrs Patience Mundoza said the minor was complaining of a hurting ear and headache. -The Manica Post.