Forget Black enter Grey

Welcome to the month of October. The cool fresh breeze, the hot sunny weather and the blooming of flowers tells you those seating for the final exams the clock is already at the o’clock hand. I love this month for the glorious Jacaranda life in full bloom. Trust me you won’t go wrong taking a selfie along the boulevard with Jacarandas all over and post on instagram -courtesy of some photoshop of course.

Hello, that is the bug on social media.

So with this in mind, the summer-spring like fashion inspired, I have seen most girls donning the grey weave or wig, I suppose.

Is this the new trend alert or good colour gone bad on girls? I used to laugh because that colour is associated with the ‘granny look style’ but some of the international celebrities like Rihaana, Kate Perry and even Monica have pulled it off to get their millions of fans following.

Good luck girls with the trend but the golden tip — make sure it suits you.

On to the unisex side, the ripped jeans are not only back but a must have.

I was surprised when my uncle told me that they were a hit long back (latish eighties) when they used to call them —salt n’ pepper jeans. Don’t be left out.

Cool Gadget of the week

There is no shortage of blue-tooth keyboards that will work with all of your devices. There is, however, a definite shortage of keyboards styled like mechanical typewriters that will work with all your devices. Typewriter, some may start laughing but that is the in-thing style.

Don’t worry, someone’s already on the way to filling that apparent hole you never knew existed.

Enter the ‘Qwerkywriter’.

Not only does it look like one of the long-obsolete writing machines, it types like one too, simulating that tactile, clicky feel people experienced when composing letters, manuscripts, and term papers on the vintage productivity device.

The Qwerkywriter uses mechanical switches to replicate the tactile feel of the keys on old-fashioned writing machines, along with vintage-style key caps that make for an unmistakable typewriter aesthetic.

It even comes with the carriage return lever that moved the paper to the next line in old typewriters, functioning as an Enter key, which, should take you to the next line in whatever document you’re editing.

The lever, by the way, can be programmed to serve as a macro instead, automatically typing any five letter combination that you want onto whatever app you’re using.

On to the screen.

Empire is back and so far so good just that as always we are behind. In Zimbabwe we watch it on Thursday night while in the country of origin it is being screened a day before us.

The challenge now is on social media because by the time we watch it, we will already be knowing the bits, which is not fair because all the curiosity mood will have been dampened.

On to the big screen at our local movie theatres thus Ster Kinekor- Westgate and Eastgate, there is the “Maze Runner” movie which is more for the boys. Girls move over this is our week.

However, “Scorch” is, like the first movie “The Maze Runner,” based on the best-selling young adult series by James Dashner.

In the first film, Thomas (actor Dylan O’Brien) awakes as he is being taken to a strange place called the Glade.

He learns from the other teenagers also taken there that there is only one way out: through a maze that’s full of danger.

The movies co-star “Game of Thrones” actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Kaya Scodelario of “Skins”.

Won’t dwell much as today, CLS will watch the movie for next week’s review.

Some movies to look forward to include “Maya The Bee”, “Transporter Refuelled” and “The Perfect Guy” among others.

Till next week happy weekend