EDITORIAL COMMENT: Kudos to Russia for showing leadership

Bashar al-Assad

Bashar al-Assad

THE rug was pulled right under their feet as they were upstaged in a manner that has caught the eye of the international community as new rules of engagement on the global arena are being redrawn.

The Syrian crisis since its start in 2011 was always a game changer. It was part of the extended illegal regime change agenda policy by Western powers, led by the United States and its allies, a policy whose genesis was the so-called war on terror, a de facto war of terror.

However, on Wednesday Russian President Vladimir Putin took leadership to ensure that peace returns to Syria and its neighbours.

The Russian airforce launched air strikes in Syria, at the invitation of president Bashar al-Assad and in the wake of the green light granted to President Putin by Russia’s Federation Council, the upper house of parliament to send armed forces to Syria.

It is reported that a three-star Russian general was sent to the US embassy in Baghdad one hour before the airstrikes to give notice and warn Americans to stay out of Syrian airspace. That was the endgame.

Reports at the time of writing said Russian planes had carried over 20 sorties, where they reportedly hit at least eight ISIS targets.

President Putin defended Russia’s actions arguing that the airstrikes were being carried out in accordance with international law since his country had received official request from an ally, the Syrian president to assist in fighting ISIS.

The Russian leader reassured the international community that their aim was to fight ISIS using air power, rather than having boots on the ground.

“The only true way to combat international terrorism, which is rampant in Syria and its neighbouring countries, is to act pre-emptively. (We should) fight with and destroy terrorist militants in the territories occupied by them, not waiting for these terrorists to come to our home. It is possible and appropriate to bring together all interested countries to fight international terrorism and work together based on the United Nations Charter,” President Putin reportedly said.

That the West is concerned is understandable. For too long they have used the cover of the war on terror to impose their will on other countries. Their only goal has been to remove legally elected leaders from office and impose their hand-picked stooges, like the rebels that have been fighting Assad.

If Assad requested Russia to help him fight ISIS, why would the West, the United States in particular be worried of the request if they are really for the war on terror? Is Assad not fighting ISIS whom the West claim to be fighting as well?

If they all want to fight terrorism, why can’t they join hands with Russia?

If Russia is in Syria to fight terrorists, why does the West want to protect them from this legitimate onslaught? Unless they are saying that the latest move by President Putin will expose all the shenanigans behind ISIS, that is who is sponsoring them and whose agenda they are advancing.

The Russian onslaught on ISIS has put the Western media into overdrive as they are now trying to detract attention from the airstrikes by engaging in information warfare where they lied that Russian airstrikes are targeting civilians. Ironically the lies were peddled long before the first plane took off!

By so doing, the westerners are trying to escalate the tensions and create a conflict of intended consequences.

As the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly is still underway in New York, world leaders cannot continue watching as the sabre-rattling West wants to make it look like the Russians are behind the whole mess in the Middle East.

It is time that they can run with a lie, but they can’t hide from the truth, for that truth has caught up with them.