Uncle Sam, chief culprit in refugee crisis

Isdore Guvamombe Reflections
BACK in the village, in the land of milk, honey and dust or Guruve, war is detested and war has horror stories. Men, women and children are displaced, maimed, injured and killed unnecessarily. All and sundry live in perpetual fear of death. The poor are more affected than the rich for the poor cannot

afford flying out of the country and renting new homes. Recently, this villager, the son of peasants, flew past Europe in one of the longest journeys on earth to Colombia. What touched this villager the most is the influx of refugees into Europe from the warmonger troubled spots.

Over the last four years, as four million Syrian refugees poured into neighbouring countries and slipped inexorably into poverty, millions others have poured out of Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, among others, courtesy of the warmonger called the United States of America.

Today, Europe is stuck with a refugee crisis of an untold magnitude, all because of the war triggered by the US in its bid to control the world and indeed to steal and pocket all natural resources that matter. So huge and critical is the problem that European Union ministers have mooted a plan to share the burden of the millions of refugees, in a crisis that certainly could have been avoided.

The plan assigns each member state a number of people based on its economic strength, population, unemployment and the number of asylum applications it has approved over the last five years.

Syria’s four years of civil war have left more than 240 000 people dead. More than four million have left the country, and millions more are internally displaced. According to the latest figures from the UN refugee agency, Syrians made up 55 percent of the 521 000 refugees to have crossed the Mediterranean bound for Europe this year to date.

Many others come from Iraq — which, like Syria, has seen extremists overrun massive areas — from Afghanistan and other hotshots. Nearly 3 000 died or went missing trying the often treacherous crossing. In the latest reminder of the dangers, Greek police said on Wednesday that a woman and a child drowned off the island of Lesbos after their boat sank, although 45 others were rescued. Certainly this is not the world we want.

The political crisis in the world has not created itself but has been caused by the United Sates in particular with the aid at times of tailing European countries in their bid to influence the world’s political scene. These powerful outsiders start regime change projects to achieve their own goal, that of accessing resources from rich but small nations. They sponsor wars as a way of gaining access to these countries. There is an interesting tendency that almost all these huge wars that maim and kill people are in countries that are rich in minerals resources and oil. It is never about human rights or democracy, it is about natural resources — oil, gold and diamonds in particular.

Interestingly too, in almost all these cases, it is the United States of America in the thick of things, yet no war has been fought on its ground. No refugees go that far. The US has brazenly interfered in the internal matters of Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Libya and Yemen, among others, and caused death and serious destabilisation of those countries, all to gain access to the rich natural resources.

The Libyan crisis is a good example of the dangers of the US’s combative and confrontational regime change antics, because as a result, Libya is broken into pieces of governance, now stuck with a trailblazing civil war. While the Libyans are killing each other and fighting for positions, the US is milking the country dry of its oil. Stupid!

The other critical aftermath of the US’s brazen interference are the refugees scampering into Europe, off-loading from war zones. Europe now suffers because of US actions and Europe is indeed in trouble and now has to share the burden of refugees. The US does not care the least about rescuing the refugees but cares for the mineral resources, cares about the oil and the huge money that follows. The US itself does not want to spend on the refugees because it is afraid of its taxpayers, who will demand accountability.

For Europe it is worse in that among the uncontrolled refugees are obviously some terrorists, who once in Europe will work their way into terror attacks. So far, it is estimated that more than 30 known dangerous terrorists have crossed into Germany, disguised as refugees and the US does not care about it.

The risk is for Europe! It is obvious one day the US will use this finding as a way of interfering in the internal matters of European countries, saying they are following up on terrorists.