Herald reinvents fictitious MDC divisions – Biti


    The Herald has an agenda to create artificial fissures in the people’s Movement in the hope that they can concoct another October 12 in the MDC.

    After October 12 2005, we built a stronger Movement which overwhelmingly won the election on 29 March 2008. We could not have won that election if the leadership had been as divided as The Herald wishes could happen in this great party.

    The Herald has simply sought to transfer factions and divisions from their permanent home in Zanu PF to the MDC. It is in Zanu PF where factions, groups and divisions are the order of the day. The Herald is currently facing litigation over similar persistent lies on the relationship between the MDC President and the Secretary-General, which lies they miraculously hope might improve the political fortunes of Zanu PF.

    The MDC leadership and members, from the President and Secretary-General, is united and has a common position on the issue of so-called sanctions which in essence are restrictive measures imposed on a cabal that thrived on violence, murder and rampant human rights abuses.

    For the record, the MDC Secretary-General is the chief executor and implementor of party decisions and party policy. The unanimous party position is that the so-called sanctions are sanctions imposed and created solely by Zanu PF.

    It is Zanu PF which has largely imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe which they now want the MDC to deal with. We are also aware that The Herald’s lies are deliberate diversionary tactics to make some of us lose focus from the theft and kleptocracy that has eroded everyone’s confidence in the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

    Hon Tendai Biti

    MDC Secretary-General