The Malawi mystery: Magic-man conceals ex-wife's private parts, again


    The ex-wife, Edina Lasitoni, reported to Chileka police last week that after assurances by her ex-husband in 2007 that he would free her from the magic spell, she only had sex with her new man for a couple of days before Mayinga allegedly ‘locked’ her again.

    Chileka Police Station spokesperson Stella Ndelenga said police rearrested Mayinga last week and charged him with conduct likely to cause breach of peace. He is on remand at Chichiri Prisons and will appear in court on a date to be decided later.

    Ndelenga said Mayinga did not meet the assurances he made to police in court in 2007 that he would free his ex-wife of the magic spell.

    Ndelenga said Lasitoni only enjoyed her conjugal rights with her new husband for about three days before she was ‘locked’ again.

    She said last December Lasitoni ended her relationship with the other man and reconciled with Mayinga on the understanding that he would ‘unlock’ her as per Mayinga’s demand.

    "Surprisingly, after their reconciliation, every time Mayinga wanted to have sex with her, her private parts kept disappearing.

    Fed up with the situation, the woman chased Mayinga away," Ndelenga said suggesting that Mayinga was failing to undo his magic.

    Ndelenga claimed Mayinga, on his rearrest last week, pleaded with the police to accompany him to the bush to look for the concoction to unlock her. She said police refused because last time they did the same but it did not work.

    Malawian newspaper editors have been having a deluge of calls from anxious wives and husbands, especially of honourable members of parliament, top government officials, business people who are trying to get their hands on the concoction which could ‘lock’ those amorous MPs until after the Bunge.

    Ministry of Health officials say they have not heard of the ‘lock’ system from Malawi.

    They are still insisting that the best defences against AIDS include zero-grazing and total abstinence.