Cotton companies start to register

Senior Agriculture Reporter
The Agricultural Marketing Authority has advised cotton growers to start registering for the 2015-16 farming season. The registration is done in line with Statutory Instrument 142 of 2009 as amended in Statutory Instruments 63 of 2011 and 148 of 2012. In a statement last week, AMA said every farmer was required to register at the common buying points before the deadline of December 15, 2015.

“Every cotton grower, contracted or free shall be registered on or before December 15 deadline. All growers and respective stakeholders are advised that the registration process is common buying point based and is being conducted by AMA and respective contractors,” reads the statement.

The registration requires each grower to bring his or her national identity, provide freedom to register either as a contracted grower through contractor of his or her choice or as a free grower.

“The registration process requires every farmer to retain a copy of the registration form. The process enables the growers to use copy of the registration form to access agricultural inputs from the designated warehouses in person and selling seed cotton during the marketing season,” said AMA.