MDC MP Cleared of Rape Charges

Regional magistrate William Bhila in his ruling said the prosecution team failed to prove their case as the state witnesses contradicted themselves during trial.

After the ruling Chebundo told Radio VOP that he had been persecuted by his political opponents to settle political scores and was now happy the ‘truth’ had come out.

"I am very happy by the judgement. The truth has come out. I have been harrased , beaten and detained several times …this has been the most trying time," Chebundo told Radio VOP.

"This case was painful in that my political opponents used the social aspect in approaching a family to settle scores."

Chebundo said he had been arrested more than 10 times during his political career facing several charges that range from holding weapons of war, holding unauthorized political meetings and for violence when he was actually the victim.

The lawmaker has been winning elections against Zanu PF senior politburo member and also the Minister of Defence, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Chebundo was arrested in May this year for raping a 14 year girl from his constituency on their way to Kwekwe from Harare near Sebakwe river, and the girl has since given birth.

The MDC had been complaining that their MPs were being arrested on trumped up charges.

The party’s deputy Youth Minister ,Thamsanqa Mahlangu was also recently acquitted  after facing charges of stealing Zanu PF’s Joseph Chinotimba mobile phone.