Former Soccer Star turns to car washing


    The once marauding tough tackling defender, a member of the great CAPS United Cup Kings side has now turned to car washing for survival.

    Taruvinga now survives on washing cars in his home suburb of Glen Norah in Harare.

    He said he was enjoying his new line of life because it was his only means of survival since football gave him nothing after playing at the highest level for more than a decade.

    Taruvinga said football only gave him something to survive on daily basis but nothing for the future.

    "What the game gave us was just for the day and nothing for the future. Yes, there was the popularity to go along with it, but you are nothing when you famous but without money," said Taruvinga.

    When asked whether he would take up football again if given the chance, Taruvinga’s answer was a big no adding, "You spend your time for nothing."

    He said he at one time turned to his former clubs for assistance but there was nothing they could do because, ‘there are too many of us in the same situation.’

    He said the car washing business was not so rosy since many car washing places had come up not only in Glen Norah but throughout Harare. However he said: ‘You have something to take home at the end of the day."

    Taruvinga, a former member of the great CAPS United Cup Kings side of the late 80s and early 90s played alongside the likes of the late great Joel Shambo and Shacky Tauro as well as Friday Phiri, Joe Mugabe, Edwin Farai and Oscar Motsi.

    Former Darry T stricker Usman Misi is finding time fixing bicycles, mixing it up with fixing umbrellas and a bit work on people’s shoes.