Violent Zanu PF Youth demand land

The youth sang revolutionary songs threatening to beat the District Administrator up. He was later rescued by the arrival of the Support Unit police who forcibly dispersed the youth. No arrests were made.

Kadoma mining town is situated about 90 kilometres north-east of Harare in Mashonaland West province.

Youth leader Ronald Bhau, administrator David Shumba told Radio VOP: ”We have assisted political heavy-weights in the district in invading some farms but we are still yet to get land of our own.We believe Shumba is not assisting us. We have been used and abused by politicians and it’s now our turn to get our share as youth."

An official within the administrator’s office said the situation was getting out of hand and the youths were not willing to discuss the issue with anyone but wanted to assault the administrator.

The official who spoke on condition that his name will not be published said, ”The youths have been told by Zanu PF politicians in the district that they can only access loans for inputs if they have offer letters and they are in a hurry to get pieces of land, not to utilise but to access loans and abuse them as this is what they have been doing since 2000.”

However administrator Shumba refused to comment on the issue when contacted.

Land reform, initiated by President Robert Mugabe’s government in 2000 to empower the landless blacks, has only benefited few of his ruling party cronies that has seen the country failing to feed itself for the past eight seasons.

Zimbabwe, the once bread-basket of Southern Africa, has been reduced to donor support internationally to feed nearly 5 million of its population, according to latest Food and Agriculture Organisation- World Food Programme statistics.

The inclusive government is divided with prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai calling for a halt to farm invasions that scare away investors while Zanu PF continues to take away white owned farms forcibly.