Conspiracy: Who killed John Nyamande?

Could it be a coincidence that the death of John Nyamande is occurring at a time when there is a deteriorating political atmosphere marked by a spike in harassments, intimidation and threats? The violence started with a wave of Mugabe-triggered incarcerations of MDC MPs.

To the skeptical and discerning citizens, it is a known fact that in the political realm, that has always been Mugabe’s time-tested modus operandi – turning our roads into abattoirs. Throughout Zimbabwe’s history, road accidents have over the years conveniently eliminated perceived enemies of state and opposition members. The most disturbing pattern is that the so-called accidents have always been accompanied by a carefully orchestrated cover-up plan.

The untimely death of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s wife – Amai Susan Tsvangirai, in another horrific accident this year, which saw the Prime Minister himself cheating death, immediately comes to the fore. The bottom-line is that the accident was never thoroughly probed by independent investigators and the truth was never told. It was a bad precedent for the Unity Government to proceed with business as usual without pinpointing the exact cause of the accident.

The accident is the latest in a series of barefaced events that have amounted to a drastic and carefully orchestrated government-sponsored crackdown on opposition politicians, journalists and civic groups. In effort to seek justice, the first dilemma is that the accident will be reported by state-owned mouthpieces such as The Herald and ZBC. Secondly, the government will investigate itself, a futile exercise where evidence can easily be tampered with. Naturally, it is at the State’s convenience to divert attention from itself.

Now it turns out that John Nyamande unseated Patrick Chinamasa, a very dangerous Zanu PF thug who is a top architect of Zimbabwe’s modern day political warfare aimed at creating political impotence for the opposition by death and destruction. Zanu PF’s desperation to hang on to power by any means clearly puts the lives of many activists and opposition parliamentarians in grave danger. If necessary, MDC must immediately implore SADC’s assistance to ensure that a thorough investigation is carried out.

In the absence of an independent inquiry this ‘accident’ will be treated as a murderous assassination, another Mugabe-led conspiracy. Harare Tribune