Zanu PF splits Over White Farmer’s Eviction

This ruling follows pleas by the provincial politburo members that he should be spared from the eviction as he was productive and providing a meaningful input to the economy.  

Police Assistant Commissioner Edmore Veterai has won a two year long fight for the farm after Magate, who presented a 200 paged document on how he arrived on his judgment, found Nesbit guilty of contravening the Gazetted Land Consequential Provisions Act for occupation of gazetted land without lawful authority and ordered him to pay a fine of US$ 200 or face ten days imprisonment.

The magistrate described Nesbit as a ‘philanthropist’ because of his charitable works that he has been doing in Chiredzi since 1971 which includes feeding the blind, opening an orphanage that has housed 100 destitutes and catered for their welfare until they finished ‘A’ level.

Magate however noted that since the land has been gazetted by the state in December 2007, he was an illegal occupant. Nesbit was also given three months to relocate his crocodiles from the farm.

It has now emerged that some Zanu PF officials mainly from the Solomon Mujuru faction, who have been assuring Nesbit that he will never be evicted, are now openly condemning the court ruling, while the Emmerson Mnangagwa backed side celebrated over the white farmer’s eviction.

A Zanu PF legislator from Chiredzi, who refused to be named, said the factions which already exist in the party’s provincial circles, are further drifted apart because of Nesbit’s fate.

Although not confirming the dispute within the party, Zanu PF politburo member Dzikamai Mavhaire, told our reporter, the court had been ill advised.

“It is actually a long story but for your sake I want to tell you that Nesbit has been doing a lot of developmental projects in Chiredzi. He is actually the man who has brought Chiredzi on the map in as far as development is concerned. Why then do we continue to chase him away from his farm when he had surrendered almost three quarters of his land to the state? I do not see the logic of it,” said Mavhaire.

Zanu PF politburo member and former legislator for the area, Celine Pote said:" I do not think it was good for the court to evict Nesbit considering a lot of work that he was doing for Chiredzi.”

However, Masvingo Governor Titus Maluleke said the court’s judgment was final and it did not make sense for the people to continue debating over water under the bridge.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor, Gideon Gono, had during his tour of the farm in 2006, praised the farmer’s crocodile project, saying it  was generating the much needed foreign currency in the country.

Rodney Makausi of Chihambakwe and Makonese legal practitioners, representing Nesbit told our reporter that he was going to appeal against judgment on Monday.