MDC-T legislator for Makoni Central dies


    Nyamande, a former MDC-UK interim chairman died in the early hours of today when his official twin cab he was driving hit an unidentified truck stationary in the middle of the highway along Rusape-Harare road in Ruwa, a family member has told our reporter in the United Kingdom.

    He died on the spot and was driving alone. The accident happened near Thorncroft school in Ruwa, it was reported. 

    Mrs Irene Sanyauke a close relative who is now comforting Mr Nyamande’s widow in Britain, said the family was devastated by the news of Nyamande’s mysterious death.

    "As for now we only know that he hit a car which was stationary on the middle of the highway. He was coming from Rusape and the accident happened in Ruwa early today," said Mrs Sanyauke.

    Current MDC-UK chairman Jonathan Chawora, said: "Its very sad, honourable Nyamande died in the early hours of this morning in Ruwa. We are yet to get details, so far thats the only information we have".

    Nyamade will always be remembered for a bold decision he took in returning home at the height of political violence during the June election. When back home, he made a heroic decision to campaign for a parliamentary seat under the MDC-T ticket in which he stood against Mugabe’s most trusted ally Patrick Chinamasa.

    This was at a time when Zimbabwe was regarded as one of the  most unstable and dangerous countries in the world.

    During the violent campaign he beat-up Mugabe’s foul mouthed Chinamasa who also happens to be his cousin.

    There was violence when he arrived in Makoni to campaign and for so many occasions Chinamasa was target of assasination. At one stage, during the height of ZANU-PF perpetrated violence, Nyamande escaped an assassination attempt.

    Nyamande who has been based in the United Kingdom knew the risks of going back home and challenge Robert Mugabe.

    After his stunning election as MP, Mr Nyamande returned to the UK where his family live and delivered talks about his experiences during election.

    He spoke about the horrors of his election, the election of the Speaker of Parliament, the Power Sharing talks and the MDC vision.

    It is sad day for Zimbabwean politics for having lost such a formidable politician of his calibre.