Constitution Making Process Should Not Be Rushed – Mangwana

Speaking to journalists at the Civic Center in Masvingo on Friday night, Mangwana said: “We will take our time. There is no need to push us on this issue of constitution, we want to come up with a perfect thing which is going to last forever.

We are already six months behind …All what people need is to have a constitution done but they are not considering that we are operating without a budget since the formation of this inclusive government. We want to be serious with this issue so we will not tolerate calls to rush.”

“We need at least US$ 5, 4 million for training people and the consultation process. The whole remaining work needs about 11 million dollars. We have 70 teams which are going to be deployed in each province come next week.

However, we are happy that minister of Finance Tendai Biti will be part of our management committee so we will be putting pressure on him to give us some money to use,” said Mangwana.

The constitution is expected to be complete by next year in December but Mangwana said there were no time lines.

Mangwana is on record saying that elections and the new constitution are not related. He emphasized that even if the new constitution was completed, legislators must never be forced into another election. He said the elections which will come after the new constitution might be only presidential.

“How can any sane man wants to challenge me after elections, I am going to serve Chivi Central for five years. I will never accept elections before the end of my term. Maybe Mugabe and Tsvangirai will go in to the elections not MPs- never,” said Mangwana.