LATEST: Nun flees axe-wielding villagers

George Maponga in Masvingo
A NUN heading St Antony Mission High in Zaka fled from axe-wielding villagers who thronged the school demanding retribution after they accused the school of poisoning a rubbish dump resulting in the death of stray livestock foraging at the site.

The villagers temporarily closed the school as they bayed for Sr Immaculate Tinago’s blood.

They accused her of killing 50 animals among them cattle, goats and pigs by poisoning the school dumpsite.

It is alleged that authorities at St Antony Mission High were peeved by stray animals which frequented the school in search of forage.

Angry villagers allegedly ganged up and descended on Sr Tinago after word spread that their livestock had succumbed to poisoning.

This was after workers allegedly acted on instructions from Sr Tinago to poison the school dumpsite. The nun’s whereabouts are still not known.
She is not reachable on her mobile phone.

Masvingo provincial education director Mr Zedious Chitiga said: “All I can say at the moment is that there are problems at the school (St Antony). But I am not sure whether the headmistress is there or not. We are still in the process of gathering details about the issue. We are currently seized with the issue.
“The good thing is that lessons are going on at the school and there have not been disruptions to learning activities.”

Mr Chitiga said he would only be in a position to give full details once a report had been compiled on what exactly transpired.

Police in Masvingo professed ignorance of the matter.

St Antony High is a boarding school with an enrolment of 800 pupils.