Mliswa falls on hard times

Temba Mliswa

Temba Mliswa

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Court Reporter
Former zanu-pf chairman for Mashonaland West Temba Mliswa has fallen on hard times, as he is failing pay to $3 462 for air tickets bought on credit for trips to Tanzania and Zambia. Mliswa also failed to pay levy arrears for an Avondale property that he occupied to the tune of $3 275. On Tuesday, Harare Civil Court resident magistrate Mr Brighton Pabwe, struck out the opposing papers filed by Mliswa in the two separate suits and ordered him to pay a travel agent, Hotel Express Enterprises the outstanding air tickets to the tune of $3 462.

Mr Pabwe also ordered Mliswa to pay $3 275 to Avon Villas Owners Association being arrears levy for the property. In the case of air tickets, Mliswa is said to have engaged Hotel Express to facilitate air tickets to Tanzania for himself and two accompanying colleagues.

The company issued three tickets on Mliswa’s account and they travelled on Kenyan Airways and Fly Emirates on February 13 and 14 last year. The tickets were valued at $6 477 and the money according to the agreement was supposed to be paid by February 17.

On April 2 the same year, Mliswa paid $2 000, leaving a balance of $4 477. Mliswa in June, July and October the same year, paid a total of $1 500, leaving a balance of $2 977. On January 7 this year, Mliswa also requested for another ticket worth $485 to fly to Lusaka, which he did not pay for.

Calculations by the travel agent showed that Mliswa owed the firm $3 462. Avon Villas Owners Association members, including Mliswa in 2011 agreed to pay a monthly levy of $175 each. Mliswa defaulted in paying resulting in the arrears ballooning to $3 275.

Despite demand, Mliswa refused or failed to pay the debt resulting in the association members issuing out summons. This week Mliswa and his lawyers failed to attend a court hearing and Mr Pabwe struck out his defence and granted default judgments in respect of the two matters. Failure by Mliswa to pay the debt may result in his personal property being attached by the messenger of court.