Kasukuwere brings Robert Mugabe ass licking to new level


    In an interview following the return of more than 130 youths from Chikumbi Freedom Camp in Zambia on Sunday, Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, urged the youths to rally behind the country’s Presidium, which was under siege from Western imperialists.

    Minister Kasukuwere called upon all Zimbabweans to respect those who selflessly lost their lives to win freedom enjoyed today. (What of those killed, those torture, forced into exile and a whole wailing nation subjected to morden day satanic rule by thugs masquerading as liberators)

    "This is not a negotiable legacy because real Zimbabweans died. (So, ONLY Zanu PF thugs are real people?)

    We must always remember the sacrifices of those who took practical action to fight invaders. It is important to pay respect to our fallen heroes buried in other countries," he said.

    He said as Government, they were prepared and determined to preserve the values of Independence, which were the basis upon which the liberation struggle was prosecuted.

    More than 130 University of Zimbabwe students visited Chikumbi Freedom Camp, a former liberation war camp, over the weekend to honour hundreds of gallant sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who were brutally massacred by Rhodesian forces 30 years ago.

    The trip, organised by the Ministry of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment, was aimed at conscientising the youths on the history of Zimbabwe and to remind the future leaders to work for the prosperity and development of the nation.

    Over 420 Zimbabweans perished on 19 October 1978 at the Freedom Camp after being bombed by the Rhodesian forces, in a move meant to pre-empt military incursions into Rhodesia by Zipra forces.

    University of Zimbabwe student, Luckson Kandemiiri, described the trip as an eye opener to many youths.

    "It is important to have these visits because it gives us a chance to be closer to what our fellow Zimbabweans went through. We have seen the truth and it should not end with us, but must spread to our peers so that they also know the significance of our independence," he said. (The Herald)