ZTE V795, a cool smartphone

The ZTE v795

The ZTE v795

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Getting an entry level smartphone, which can basically achieve all the basic tasks including running all popular third apps like whatsapp, at a good price has become a must for many Zimbabweans as the liquidity crunch continues to affect the economy.

ZTE, a Chinese telecoms company, is offering such a phone, the ZTE V795, which it released in 2013.

It runs on Android 4.2, with a 3.5 TFT touch screen display powered by a dual core processor supported with 512mb RAM to allow more apps to run on it has managed to heavily push the handset to the market. While the major problem with entry smartphones is compromised performance, freezing, heating, continuous restarting or a sloppy camera, the ZTE is packed with equally good features to sustain a day’s work without any major disappointments.

From a personal experience with the gadget, the ZTE V795 is a reliable and functional phone. It’s a user friendly phone, very smart and portable and it is set to take the low end smartphone with the potential to take the market by storm if there is enough brand visibility.

According to ZTE Terminals Projects personnel Tafadzwa Musevenzo, they have sold over 500 000 units in and around Zimbabwe market so far.

This, he says is a sign that the mobile phone has been well received in the local market mainly because of its price tag and functionality. It has some interesting features:


The mobile phone is affordable with a $68 price tag in most Econet shops and other licensed distributors, it stands out amongst most smartphones beating many entry level smartphones in its league.

Operating system

The operating system of the mobile phone is an impressive Android 4.4 Jelly bean and both dual core processor powered considering the price, the only downside that we had was with the 1st model which had an operating system failure and was not stable while you operate without a Micro SD. However, the version 2 that is currently available now has 1GB internal memory eradicating the glitch, probably pitting the phone in the same level with Samsung S1.


The back camera of the ZTE is 2MP; this is good enough to take standard shots at a good range in daylight, while it dismally performs in poorly lit environments.


The battery power has a powerful 1200 Mah.capacitance for a small screen to last you days without any need to quickly recharge, varying from normal to aggressive users. The battery takes less than 2 hours to have it fully charged and it is compatible with any standard USB charger, a more comfortable mobile phone for various charging systems.

After sales support

Apart from being affordable this phone also comes with after sales support. This covers both in warranty and out of warranty.

ZTE Corporation has partnered with some local companies in Zimbabwe that is the NWT Technologies and the Greater Cell Services to offer any support based services or repairs at their workshops located at Joina city.

Pre customisation

The ZTE V795 is handy and convenient; it comes with already fixed data network settings. Not all the users are techno savy; hence it’s easy and cheap to manage.

Usually for all the ZTE mobiles, they come customised for the local markets, hence user friendly and no non English apps that have no deletion option like in other grey devices sold in many shops.

Since it is a budget mobile, popular applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and opera Browser come pre-installed with the device.

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