Right-wing supremacist sold hangman's gallows to Robert Mugabe

David Lucas has also been charged with owning an illegal weapon and ammunition with intent to endanger life.

The 49-year-old, who stood for the far-right party in this year’s European elections, was arrested when police swooped on addresses in East Anglia in April.

He is due to appear before Bury St Edmunds magistrates in Suffolk on November 10.

Lucas hit the headlines in May 2006 when he revealed that he was sending his gallows and £100,000 execution systems to countries such as Zimbabwe.

He said he stopped making them in July 2006 after the export of hangman’s equipment was made illegal by an EU directive.

But the death penalty campaigner still has a gallows complete with noose on show at his farm in Lakenheath, Suffolk, to demonstrate his belief in ‘law and order’.

Meanwhile another BNP candidate in the Glasgow North East by- election has said he will "go to his grave" wanting his party to remain racist and white only.

Charlie Baillie said "brown, black, and yellow" people should continue to be barred from joining, claiming that whites needed a party that represents their views alone.

His position appears to put him at odds with BNP chairman Nick Griffin, who told a court last month he would ask his party to amend its constitution so it did not discriminate on grounds of race or religion.

Griffin may make an appearance in the Glasgow seat ahead of the 12 November by-election.

The BNP claimed it had received 9,000 inquiries following his appearance on BBC’s Question Time last week, which was watched by over eight million people.

Baillie said he would be campaigning on an anti- immigration platform, focusing on the arrival of asylum-seekers. Asked whether he would turn away a torture victim from Zimbabwe who faced death on return, he said: "Yes. They have neighbouring countries they can go to."