Clive Malunga sued for child support

Clive Malunga

Clive Malunga

Prosper Dembedza Court Reporter
Musician Clive Malunga is being sued for maintenance by his wife who is claiming $250 towards her upkeep and the artist’s child. Hanny Maporisa is claiming $150 for the child’s upkeep and $100 as her own maintenance. In her application filed at the Harare Civil Court last week, Maporisa claimed Malunga was a musician who earned $1 000 monthly.

“The respondent is a self employed businessman and a musician and earns $1 000 per month,” reads the application. Maporisa claimed the musician was not contributing anything towards the upkeep of their child.

“He is not providing towards the welfare of his minor child,” reads Maporisa’s application.

The matter is expected to be heard in court on a date to be disclosed.

Meanwhile, a Harare woman approached the same court seeking a garnish order of $100 from her husband who is earning $8. Sofia Mushambi claimed Omega Mushambi was not contributing anything towards the upkeep of their child.

“I want a garnish order of the $100 because he is not contributing anything towards his child,” she said.

Omega pleaded with the court to reduce his maintenance order to $40, saying he was going through hard times because of loans he took from a local bank.

“I am currently facing financial problems because my salary is catering for loans that I took from the bank and I am taking home $8,” he said.

Omega produced his pay slip as evidence that he was earning $8. Ms Siwardi dismissed Mushambi’s application, saying it was impossible to grant such an order since Omega’s current salary was far below the maintenance order.

She, however, ordered Omega to continue paying the $100 monthly or risk being arrested.