Minister's house attacked by Robert Mugabe's terrorists

This is the latest of several attacks against the Premier’s followers since he partially withdrew his MDC party from Zimbabwe’s coalition government two weeks ago.

Gorden Moyo, who is Minister of State in Tsvangirai’s office, said a group of people who did not identify themselves came to his Harare residency and tried to force their way in, banging on doors and broke some windows before they ran away after he threatened to shoot at them.

"They banged on my door several times and broke my window. When I threatened to shoot that’s when they ran away,” said Moyo, who is not provided with state security guards at his Harare residence.

Asked if he thought the incident was linked to the country’s escalating political crisis Moyo said, "I think so."

Police were not immediately available for comment on the matter.

Political tensions that had relatively eased following formation of a power-sharing government between Tsvangirai and President Robert Mugabe last February are on the rise after the MDC two weeks ago began boycotting Cabinet over Mugabe’s refusal to fully implement the coalition accord.

A police raid last weekend on an MDC-owned house in Harare to search for guns allegedly stolen from an army barrack outside the capital, the abduction earlier on Tuesday of one of the party’s workers and the attempted kidnapping of another have heightened tensions in the country.

Tsvangirai’s decision to partially withdraw his MDC party from the coalition government plunged the administration into the worst crisis of its eight-month reign.

The former opposition leader wants Mugabe to agree to speed up democratic reforms and that the veteran leader fires his supporters he unilaterally appointed to head the central bank and the attorney general’s office in violation of the power-sharing accord.

Mugabe refused to concede to the demands in a Monday meeting with Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara, the third signatory to the power-sharing agreement.

A Southern African Development Community delegation is due to meet Zimbabwean parties on Thursday to try to resolve the dispute between Tsvangirai and Mugabe. – ZimOnline