130 unregistered cars, pirate taxis impounded

Freeman Razemba Crime Reporter
At least 130 unregistered vehicles and pirate taxis have been impounded during a joint operation by the police and Harare City Council. During the operation, the Central Vehicle Registry, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and Zimbabwe National Road Administration officials are also targeting vehicles with fake registration books, not licensed, those without registration number plates and motorists that evade paying duty.

The vehicles will only be released once they have all the required documents.

City principal communications officer Mr Michael Chideme, yesterday confirmed the latest development.

“We are conducting the operation with the police, CVR and Zinara. So far, we have impounded 130 vehicles without number plates and those that have evaded duty. Vehicles with fake licence disks and pirate taxis are also being targeted during the operation,” he said.

Government recently said over 500 000 vehicles on the country’s roads were not registered and their owners risked losing them if they were not registered by December.

Most of the unregistered vehicles are those that were distributed to various Government departments by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe during the farm mechanisation programme around 2006.

Zimbabwe has an estimated 1,2 million vehicles, according to Zinara statistics.

Meanwhile, police have expressed concern over the conduct of some motorists who are contributing to most of the fatal road accidents, especially along the country’s major highways.

According to police, they have noted that most of the accidents were being caused by inattention, misjudgement, overtaking errors, failure to give way at intersections, speeding, fatigue, unroad worthy vehicles and overloading.

National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Shadreck Chigagura, urged motorists to observe all traffic rules and regulations.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police has noted with concern the wayward driving conduct exhibited by some motorists along the country’s roads, which is contributing to road traffic accidents leading to deaths, injuries and damage to property,” he said.

He said innocent lives have been lost as a result of careless and negligence drivers who did not value lives.

“Motorists are urged to observe all rules and regulations on the roads and police will descend heavily on those who chose to ignore this call,” Chief Supt Chigagura.

In April last year, Government was working on a new traffic system to restore order in Harare because police and council were struggling to stamp their authority on commuter omnibus drivers who were flouting regulations at will, resulting in the death of innocent people.