Zimbabwean man subjected to vile and racist abuse


    He wanted four cans of Special Brew but when the 57-year-old shop worker said there were only two cans left he became aggressive.

    The shop assistant, who is a British citizen but was born in Zimbabwe, said: ‘I have a second part-time, weekend job in the shop and I was working on Sunday afternoon when this man walked in.

    ‘He wanted Special Brew but we didn’t have the amount he wanted so he demanded that I give him some more expensive beer at the same price. I explained that I couldn’t do that because I’m not authorised.

    ‘He started calling me insulting racist swear words.

    ‘I said would like him to get out of the shop and at that point he tried to jump over the counter and attack me.

    ‘I pushed the panic button to alert the security system and he left and went into the shop next door.

    ‘Just a few minutes later he came back into my shop, opened the door and shouted racist abuse at me.

    ‘I was shocked and it was a bit scary because I had no idea what he was going to do next.’

    The images of the suspect were captured in a nearby shop but so far police have been unable to trace the man.

    The area is quiet and the victim, who does not want to be named, has never had any problems before.

    PC Lewis Swan said: ‘We would urgently like to speak to the man shown in a t-shirt in these CCTV images taken from a nearby convenience store, following this distressing incident for the victim.

    ‘This man can assist us or could be eliminated from police enquiries.’

    The incident happened at 2.40pm on Sunday, August 30. SOURCE