Minister congratulates Kirsty

Sports Reporter
SPORT, Arts and Culture Minister Andrew Langa has joined the nation in congratulating swimming sensation Kirsty Coventry for scooping the country’s first gold medal at the African Games in Congo-Brazzaville on Tuesday night. Coventry posted a time of 1:01:15 to win the 100m backstroke and this was her third consecutive African Games win in the event having claimed gold in 2007 and 2011.

“We were in Congo Brazzaville we came back just yesterday. We are happy that our woman Kirsty Coventry has made it again,” said Langa. “We got a gold medal and honestly we wish to congratulate her, Coventry has made it again on behalf of Zimbabwe in Congo Brazzaville.

“We were there and each time there was a gold medal you would hear national anthems for South Africa, Algeria and for the first time in Congo our own Kirsty Coventry raised our flag (high).

“I, therefore, want to congratulate her on behalf of government and also congratulate the team in Congo for winning on behalf of this country a gold medal.”

Langa said they were hopeful the other athletes will also do well and win more medals.

“The Games are not yet over. I know we can get four or five more gold medals but I want to say the performance of our team in Congo Brazzaville, although we have not scooped many medals, is very good because let’s not forget that these Games are All-Africa Games and all countries are there.

“I am happy that our Team Zimbabwe is also there, is participating and when we left the morale was high and I am confident that as they come back home they will bring us, obviously, some more medals but I want to congratulate Kirsty Coventry for raising our flag high.

“We almost made it in gymnastics, we came number four. Our boys, the Under-23 (football team), are also there and I am hopeful they will do something,” Langa said.