Mugabe's regime killed Learnmore Jongwe – Biti


    Majongwe died in Zimbabwe’s prison in 2002 under mysterious circumstances while awaiting to answer charges of murdering his wife, Rutendo Muusha.  

    Speaking at the launch of a trust fund in honour of Jongwe, secretary general and Finance Minister Tendai Biti, accused the previous Zanu PF government of killing the late eloquent and outspoken Kuwadzana legislator.

    Biti, told the gathering: "The state has tried to propagate the theory that Jongwe committed suicide but it is impossible to smuggle anything inside prison. Even assuming for one crazy moment that he swallowed the malaria drugs the fact of the matter is that they would have allowed him. But since we are not making that assumption the only safe assumption is that the state killed Learnmore Jongwe. That assumption is correct until disapproved."

    Spokesperson of the friends of Jongwe, Pedzisayi Ruhanya, told Radio VOP, that the idea was motivated by the need to extol the late politician’s legacy.

    “A group of friends who went to school with Jongwe and those who worked with him in the human rights and political fields thought of coming together to promote what he stood for before he passed on,” said Ruhanya.

    “There are two immediate fundamental issues that led to this idea such as the one relating to the welfare of his daughter Tawanashe. We went to assist the grandparents in sending her to school and we are also preparing for the unveiling of a tombstone for Jongwe.

    We have talked to the family and if all goes well we are supposed to unveil it on November 1 in Zhombe.”