President dos Santos concerned over Zimbabwe crisis

"I think that together with other leaders of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the President of the Republic of Angola will use his influence to see how they can help us", the Zimbabwean official told journalists at the end of one-hour long meeting.

Morgan Tsvangirai who came to Angola as part of his tour of some SADC member States aiming at mobilising supports in order to solve the current political crisis in his country, referred "the experience of the Angolan president is very useful for the advancement of the process ".

He recalled that José Eduardo dos Santos and other SADC leaders "were crucial in the building up of the current Zimbabwean inclusive government’’.

"He assured me that the continuous dialogue and the identification of the causes of the conflict will always be supported by others", he said.

About the meeting with the Angolan leader, the Zimbabwean premier said that it was positive and focused mainly on the current situation.

"We do not want that the current process relating to the consolidation of the national unity relapse", guaranteed Morgan Tsvangirai.

"We did not withdraw from the government", asseverated the politician, reiterating that "we have withdrawn ourselves temporarily of the party that we formed the government due to lack of trust in the appointment of some provincial governors, among other officials", he said.

He referred that the objective is to go forward along with the regional partners, so that the process does not fail.

The accord signed last February by the ZANU-Patriotic Front and the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), led by organ Tsvangirai, is on the brink of rupture due to the divergences in the appointment of some personalities to the government posts. SOURCE