Tsvangirai 'to meet Angolan president'

Tsvangirai left Harare earlier this week on a diplomatic mission to appeal for regional mediation in the stand-off with ruling partner President Robert Mugabe.

Angola’s state radio said Tsvangirai was due to arrive in Luanda Friday and would discuss the "crisis" in his country’s government with Dos Santos.

Tsvangirai comes to Angola after meetings with other Southern African leaders, from whom he is seeking support after cutting ties with Mugabe?s government.

Angola and Zimbabwe are seen as close allies and this week a delegation from Dos Santos’s ruling MPLA (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola) has been in Harare meeting Mugabe and other senior Zanu PF figures.

Tsvangirai cut ties with Mugabe’s "dishonest and unreliable" camp a week ago, saying he would call off the boycott once all outstanding issues were resolved, including disputes over posts and a crackdown against his supporters.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) which is chaired by Mozambique’s Guebuza will meet in Zimbabwe next week, South African President Jacob Zuma’s office said, citing Tsvangirai after the two leaders met on Tuesday.