Mozambican attempts to smuggle US$1.5m from Zimbabwe

The newspaper said Vayani Abdul Rachid was arrested Monday at Harare International Airport for trying to leave Zimbabwe without declaring US$1,557,520 in cash that he intended to export to Dubai.

It is alleged that Rachid lied to airport officials about the amount of money he was carrying but crime came to light after security scanners detected huge sums of money in his hand luggage.

It is illegal under Zimbabwe’s Customs and Excise Act to make false statements to authorities manning entry and exit points.

Under the Act, Zimbabweans are allowed to take a maximum of US$10, 000 in cash out of the country.

As a foreigner in transit, Rachid is, however, being charged only for the failure to declare how much money he was coming in and exiting the country with.

He was remanded Thursday to November 4 on US$300 bail by a Harare magistrate who also ordered him to surrender his passport.

The Herald also reported that Mozambican police last week arrested a Zimbabwean woman at Machipanda Border Post between the two countries for possessing 10g of cocaine.

The paper quted Mozambican police as saying the 29-year-old woman was caught on October 13 while trying to cross the border between Mozambique and Zimbabwe with the drug hidden in her private parts.