Teachers flee Zanu PF terrorists

They were beaten because ‘their’ party President Morgan Tsvangirai had withdrawn from the Inclusive Government.

Sources at the school said the affected teachers, who were last year’s political violence victims, were once again being beaten and chased away from the schools. The schools were last year temporarily closed during the height of political violence.

"A group of well known ZANU-PF youths stormed the school on Tuesday midnight knocking doors and shouting out names of the teachers whom they wanted. They destroyed several doors in search of the victims…they assembled them and gave them orders to vacate the school before being assaulted," said one teacher who witnessed the violence.

"For fear of their lives they had to flee that particular time because of the threat they had received and they spent the whole night in theBanje Mountain, in fact they had been threatened with death," said another teacher.


Police chief spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena said the police is still investigating the case. "That report has not yet reached my office, but however we are going to investigate and bring the culprits to book.”


Prime Minister Tsvangirai last week said his party was partially withdrawing  from taking  part in government activities until such a time President  Mugabe  and his Zanu PF party showed genuine commitment  in the implementation of the Global Political Agreement (GPA). Radio VOP