Zimbabwe woman arrested with cocaine in private parts


    Police spokesperson Pedro Cossa told reporters in Maputo on Tuesday that the 29 year old woman, whose name was not revealed, was caught on Tuesday last week while trying to cross the border between Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

    “She had 10 grams of cocaine in her vagina”, said Cossa, addressing a press briefing on the crime situation in the country during the past week. He added that the police are currently investigating the case to obtain more information.

    However, a report carried by the Portuguese news agency, Lusa, citing the public relations department in the Manica Provincial Police Command, says that two Zimbabweans were arrested, and names them as 29 year old Precious Lessiva, and her 37 year old brother, Godfrey.

    This report says that the amount of cocaine seized was 20 grams, and that the two Zimbabweans claimed they were not selling the cocaine, but using it themselves.

    Cossa also lamented a “rampant increase” in murders of children by their parents and vice-versa. He gave the example of a case on Monday in the Maputo suburb of Magoanine, where a 22 year old man brutally killed his own mother with a hammer.

    In another case, a 59 year old man shot dead his own son with a home made gun in Massinga district, in the southern province of Inhambane, on Monday last week.

    Another case, reported in the western province of Tete, concerns a woman who threw her own baby into a latrine, but the child was saved by her neighbours.