"Western nations earmark US$700m to topple Mugabe" – Sekeramayi


    State Security Minister Sydney Sekeramayi said the Western nations were funding a host of non-governmental organisations, private media and political groups to build up opposition to Mugabe, leading to his downfall.

    Sekeramai claims Western nations have budgeted more than US$700 million to achieve the goal.

    Most Western nations, especially former colonial power Britain and the United St ates, are vehemently opposed to Mugabe after he seized white-owned farms from the start of the decade, to resettle landless blacks.

    They accuse him of widespread human rights abuses, and of clamping down on his political opponents.

    The land seizures and Western interference have led to political instability in Zimbabwe, prompting regional countries to force Mugabe to co-opt his opponents into a coalition government in February to restore stability.

    But Sekeramayi said the big powers had not relented in their attempts to topple Mugabe, and were investing more than US$700 million through NGOs, private media and opposition political groups on ‘regime change.’

    "The biggest Western monetary injections into Zimbabwe is not towards development, but humanitarian plus some interventions designed to condition the masses to be amenable to illegal regime change," he said.

    "Such interventions have a budget which is in excess of US$700 million, thus underscoring the huge investment towards subverting Zimbabwe’s security," he added.

    Robert Mugabe’s cronies are all supposed to say stuff that backs him to secure his long standing terrorist agenda against his people. Innocent villagers will be killed, tortured and their houses burnt, all in the name of fighting of fighting "Western" forces.

    All his followers are living in a permanent anger mode on his behalf.