Makoni blasts MDC


    In an in-depth interview on SW Radio Makoni argued that, “the issues over which the MDC are disengaging from ZANU PF are issues of ‘jobs for the boys and girls,’ and not policies that can deliver real change for Zimbabweans.”

    Makoni said it was always clear from the beginning that ZANU PF and Mugabe were never serious about engaging Tsvangirai’s party and the MDC should not have accepted a flawed deal. He criticised Tsvangirai for telling the world that Mugabe was committed to the deal, despite mounting evidence MDC-T supporters and MP’s were being persecuted and harassed all over the country.

    He said the MDC had so far not put forward policies aimed at changing people’s lives but had focused mainly on, ‘being allowed a bigger share of public sector jobs, motor cars, travel allowances and good living.’

    Makoni spent over a decade at the helm of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) serving the regional grouping as Executive Secretary from 1984 to 1993. He told Newsreel, although the dynamics have changed since his tenure he does not expect the MDC-T will get any relief from SADC.

    He said the SADC position was that the power sharing government had the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC), and this was meant to deal with disputes. Makoni said he does not see the regional body deviating too much from that stance.

    Challenged on what he would have done if he and his party were the ones in a coalition with ZANU PF, and for over 8 months nothing agreed to had been implemented, Makoni castigated the MDC-T for not being wiser at the beginning. He argued, ‘I would have worked for a better deal.’

    He said the agreement signed by the parties was ‘unworkable’ and ‘unbalanced.’ Asked if he was belittling the concerns raised by the MDC-T, Makoni denied doing so, adding, the issues merited resolution but should not have warranted them boycotting. SW Radio Africa