There is No Government if GPA fails – MDC


    Any purported Cabinet decision made by the Zanu PF caucus in the absence of
    all the three political parties is null and void.

    The MDC ministers held a meeting at the party headquarters while Zanu PF
    ministers held a Zanu PF minister caucus meeting elsewhere.

    *MDC ministers during a meeting today at Harvest House*

    The MDC last week resolved to disengage from Zanu PF. The party will not
    attend meetings such as Cabinet and the Council of Ministers but will
    continue, as the trustees of the people’s mandate, to work towards bringing
    real change to the people of Zimbabwe.

    At their meeting at today, MDC ministers deliberated on various issues
    affecting the people such as the issue of inputs ahead of the agricultural
    season, media reforms and the stalled Constitution-making process, among

    Meanwhile, President Morgan Tsvangirai is in the region explaining the MDC’s
    decision to disengage which has been well appreciated by the people of
    Zimbabwe who want real change by having all the outstanding issues resolved.

    The matter of the outstanding issues is now before SADC and the African
    Union as the guarantors of the GPA to help resolve the crisis.

    The people of Zimbabwe want real change. They want to see meaningful reforms
    that can kick-start the economy and open a new patch of development,
    freedom, hope and security.