New Radio Application Fees For Zimbabwe

Under the new regulations, an application fee for Free-to-Air National Radio Broadcasting Services shall cost US$2 500, which will be non refundable, while the basic licence fee for 10 years has been pegged at US$ 18 000.

There will also be a levy of 1% of the annual gross turnover for the licence period, plus US$40 per frequency monthly coupled with a 0.5%contribution of the audited annual gross turnover payable to the Broadcasting Fund.

In respect of the Free-to- Air National Television Broadcasting Service, the application fee has also been set at US$2 500. The basic licence fee shall be US$20 000 with a charge of 1% annual gross turnover per annum for the licence period of 10 years. However, the payment plan is a flexible one which spreads evenly, the balance over the ten year licence period.

The application  fee for Community Broadcasting shall be a non refundable US$500, while the basic licence fee for 10 years is pegged at US$1 500. The monthly frequency fee shall be US$60 per month.

Other categories of broadcasters and licences whose fees have been gazetted include; Subscription Satellite Broadcasting, Commercial Satellite Uplink, Temporary Satellite Uplink, Subscription Cable Broadcasting, Subscription Narrowcasting Service, Open Narrowcasting Service, Open Narrowcasting, Data casting, Diffusion, Roadcasting, Railcasting, Webcasting, Signal Carrier Licensing and Electronic Billboard Advertising.

Zimbabwe is still to call for radio and television applications to break the current monopoly by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation. Radio VOP