European Commission urges urgent implementation of GPA


    He notes with concern Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s statement of today that, seven months after the formation of the inclusive government, sticking-points remain over the issues of the appointments of provincial governors, the Reserve Bank governor and the Attorney-General.

    In addition, the review of ministerial positions and the GPA remain outstanding. Moreover, there is a lack of movement on the democratisation of the media, the constitutional process, the land audit and rule of law issues.

    European Commissioner Karel De Gucht was very clear during his joint visit to Zimbabwe in September with the Swedish EU Presidency that the EU stands ready to make progress toward lifting EU targeted measures but that such developments would be clearly linked to progress ‘on the ground’ within Zimbabwe in dealing with the outstanding elements of he GPA.

    At the same time he underlined the European Commission’s continued support to the Government of National Unity in implementing its political and economic reform programme.

    The European Commission encourages key regional bodies, such as the African Union and in particular the Southern African Development Community (SADC) which played a vital role in the elaboration of the GPA, to do all that they can to assist the different parties to the GPA to resolve their differences for the benefit of the Zimbabwean people.

    Source: European Commission