Gtel to launch anti-theft service

TechnoMag Staff
Local mobile phone manufacturer, Gtel Zimbabwe, will today launch their customer care mobile application which has the ability to locate and track stolen or lost mobile devices amongst other top features. The app comes on the back of an increase in illicit trade in mobile phone that is being perpetrated by street phone dealers.

According to Gtel the app is one of the numerous ways that it’s exploring to offer unmatched services to its clients and strive to deliver smartphones that are renowned to meet and exceed consumer expectations.

“We are always working round the clock to give our customers service that they can never find anywhere else, due to the ever-evolving nature of consumer needs, most businesses constantly endeavour in ways to improve processes, deliver better and quality service and tailor exceptional value to the client and we thrive on such values,” said an official

To download the Gtel care app, one simply visits the Google Playstore on any Gtel device and download, unfortunately the app is not available on other non-android platform since Gtel only runs on android. Some of the prominent features of the app include

The anti-theft and data back-up service

It enables users to immediately report a stolen device. The app allows the customer to enter the device serial or IMEI number and the police report number and then automatically the Gtel, IT Department will help track the stolen phone while the customer has peace of mind, knowing that Gtel is taking care of their problem on their behalf.

Another important feature on the application to prevent the loss of data is the cloud backup, which simply means you can have backup to your contacts, messages and particular calendar events, to help keep you ever connected, regardless of whether you lose your data to theft or any damage.

Workshop and

account status

This assists customers who have phones under repair to know when their phones are ready instead of having to queue to check whether their phone had been completed or not. The Gtel customer care app also enables a client to track the progress of device repairs by entering their job card number, and keep track of the exact stage of the repairs until collection, while it also embeds a phone spares feature which shows which spares are in stock and their prices.

There is flexibility in payments as the app also allows the client to review their financial account statement whenever they feel the need and a client can now plan on how they want to finish their instalment and also whether their instalment has been received at the office or not.

Interactive forum

Of special interest is their interactive forum which speaks to Gtel’s tagline “Everyone Connected” that allows users of the same device model to interact and share experiences with their GTEL devices, creating their own virtual community.

Gtel shop/sales agent location and catalogue

This application enables the user to locate the nearest GTEL shop or sales agent from your location so there is no more need to get lost looking for any of our shops in your area.

The application also has a product catalog which will show you the smartphones the prices and the specs.

When one visits the nearest shop you will have already have decided on the model you want to buy.

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