Chombo hails police club

Minister Chombo

Minister Chombo

Freeman Razemba Crime Reporter
THE Zimbabwe Republic Police Kuyedza Women’s Club has been applauded for initiating programmes and business activities in line with Zim-Asset. Home Affairs Minister Dr Ignatius Chombo said Zim-Asset required individuals and institutions that embrace a new mindset to initiate business activities. He was speaking during the opening of the 2015 ZRP Kuyedza Women’s Club Annual Show in Harare over the weekend.

“I believe the emphasis on self-sustaining projects is the proverbial key that has eluded many,” he said. “Adopting a self sustaining project is a commitment to the future. “It is a commitment to the principle of multiplication. Multiplication speaks to beneficiation. When one speaks of beneficiation then one speaks to the national agenda of the national economic development of our people.”

Dr Chombo applauded Commissioner-General Dr Augustine Chihuri, who is also the president of Kuyedza Women’s Club, for his support to the club. He said he was pleased that the club was empowering families of members of the police force and promoting the force’s image. “When the image of the Zimbabwe Republic Police is upheld, the banner of the nation is similarly raised high,” said Dr Chombo.

“This is confirmed by the achievement by the Zimbabwe Republic Police Kuyedza Women’s Club on the local, regional and international platforms.”

Dr Chombo said the club’s achievements included taking part during the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) General Assembly 2013 Exhibition and winning a prize for the best art and craft demonstrator at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.

The minister said he would engage Dr Chihuri to render his assistance in identifying areas of need so that the club is given the necessary support for the good work it is doing for officers and the country. Dr Chombo commented the presence of police officers from Zambia at the function, saying President Mugabe has been underscoring the relationship between Zimbabwe and Zambia as, “one of Siamese twins”.

“I am, therefore, profoundly uplifted by the mutual business relations deepened at the level we are witnessing,” he said. Dr Chombo said the visit by the Zambians spoke so much about the quality of the closer relationship and brotherly accord between Dr Chihuri and his counterparts in the region.