Robert Mugabe will never forgive Bennett

He dared to stand in the overwhelmingly African constituency of Chimanimani in the elections and, fairly and squarely, won the seat in parliament for the MDC opposition with a thumping majority.

That will stick in the craw of Robert Mugabe and his thugs until Africa finally acquires the political will to restore the rule of law and a modicum of democracy in that failed state.

That the regime had rearrested Bennett pending the high court hearing — on trumped-up charges of “terrorism” and trying to force regime change — came as no surprise.

Last time around, Bennett was involved in a scuffle with a minister in parliament.

Normally, the speaker would have given them a strong telling-off, suspended them for a week, and there it would have ended.

On this occasion, the minister got off scot-free … and parliament turned itself into a medieval “star chamber” and “sentenced” Bennett to a year’s hard labour in … Chikurubi prison, which is more like a torture chamber.

I cannot improve on Nelson Mandela’s description of oppression … as evil if practised by a white regime or a black regime.

Mugabe’s Zimbabwe shames the rest of the continent.

We need an African leader of the calibre of Julius Nyerere, Tanzania’s first president, who sent his army across his border into Uganda and in one week liberated its people, half a million of whom had been massacred, from its lunatic leader, Idi Amin.

Ivor Davis