Zanu PF To Re-introduce National Youth Service


    “The process is underway. We are just sorting out a few outstanding issues before we open them,” said Kasukuwere.

    Under the Global Political Agreement (GPA) signed between the two MDC parties and Zanu PF, it was agreed that all youths regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion and political affiliation are eligible to participate in national youth training programmes.

    The parties also agreed that the youth programme must be run in a non-partisan manner and shall not include partisan political material advancing the cause of any political party.

    The national youth training programme has over the years been turned into some kind of a youth brigade for Zanu PF party.

    Several youths, from the programme, infamously known as the Green Bombers, were in the past deployed in several towns and cities in a campaign of terror against Zanu PF political opponents.

    Under a new proposed framework, the government purports that the training programmes will seek to inculcate a sense of patriotism, skills development and a commitment to fighting HIV and AIDS.

    Previously one would not get employment or enrol for studies at some government tertiary institutions without a national youth service certificate.