MDC Took Decision To Please A "White Man" – Zanu PF

“As Zanu PF we are not surprised by this decision. The MDC has done it several times boycotting parliament and many other important national events so we are not surprised by this,” said Masawi. “The MDC has its own problems and wants to make these problems national problems. They are only doing this to please a white man, they have always shifted goals posts but we will not lose sleep over that as Zanu PF we will continue working for the people of Zimbabwe.”

The mainstream MDC party led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai announced Friday its decision to disengage from all government business until the sticking political issues under a political agreement signed last year in September have been fully resolved.The MDC is protesting over the continued delay in appointing provincial governors, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor, Attorney General and Deputy Agriculture minister designate Roy Bennett among other issues.

The decision by MDC followed the indictment and arrest of the party’s treasurer general and deputy minister of Agriculture designate, Roy Bennett to appear in High Court for terrorism charges. The MDC argues that its legislators are being persecuted on trumped up charges. The party said Bennett had been attacked for being white and a member of MDC.

MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa accused the Zanu PF party of racism and ruling by law. “It’s a very extraordinary development regarding this decision that has been taken. We see this clearly as an attempt by Zanu PF to use the rule by law instead of the rule of law, embarking on a clear naked persecution of an individual, victimizing why Bennett on the basis of two offences. One that he is MDC and two that he is White. We feel that this is racist, this is provocative…”

Other political analysts also shared the same sentiments with Zanu PF.

“If they disengaged on the basis of Roy Bennett’s arrest then we are disappointed," said President of a student association, Zinasu, Clever Bere. "Why can’t they disengage on the basis of the fact that students are failing to raise money for exam fees and can’t attend school. As much as we sympathise with the persecution that they are facing from Zanu PF we are equally disappointed by their failure to respond to the needs of the people of Zimbabwe.”


Trade unionist and ZCTU secretary general, Wellington Chibhebhe told Radio VOP he was surprised by the disengagement because the Prime Minister was on record that the unity government is working well.

“I hope this is not disengagement just for the sake of disengaging because previously we were being convinced that the unity government is working well. But this only confirms what we have always said from the first place that this will not work. It has always been a non event  and we are going to see a number of such disengagements coming,” said Chibhebhe.

“There is a danger with such hotel arrangements, now SADC has to be called in but if the MDC had made the decision to enter into a unity government after consulting the people this could have been a different story. We are not saying we are right but we are simply saying people must look back before making decisions.”

Bennett, a former commercial farmer in Chimanimani, is facing two counts of possessing weapons, insurgency, banditry, sabotage or terrorism and another count of terrorism. Radio VOP