Grace Mugabe warns factionalists

Grace Mugabe has warned  corrupt elements and factionalists in Zanu-PF that people with guts like her would not hesitate to blow the whistle to expose them.\r\n\r\nAddressing thousands of people at Murombedzi in Zvimba, She also said while she accepted criticism, the private media should learn to be responsible. She said the private media was writing negative stories about her simply because they hated President Mugabe.\r\n\r\nMeanwhile, the First Lady clarified her statement on vendors saying some elements intentionally misconstrued what she said.\r\n\r\n“I said I support those who sell their wares but some now abuse that statement as if I said sell even at undesignated sites. We want people to sell at proper sites for the cleanliness of our cities and our personal hygiene,” she said.