President Mugabe signs Labour Bill into law

President Mugabe yesterday signed into law the Labour Amendment Bill following its passage in Parliament and the Senate last week. Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet confirmed the President’s assent in an extraordinary Government Gazette yesterday.\r\n\r\n“The following law which has been assented to by His Excellency the President, is published in terms of section 131 (6) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe-Labour Amendment Act, 2015 (No.5 0f 2015),” Dr Sibanda said in the statement.\r\n\r\nThe new law comes into force with immediate effect and will benefit all those who were affected by the July 17 Supreme Court ruling.\r\n\r\nPart 18 of the new law’s Section 12 on transitional provision reads: “Section 12 of the Labour Act [Chapter 28:01] as amended by this Act applies to every employee whose services were terminated on three months’ notice on or after the 17th July, 2015”.