‘Zim films can go places’

Beata Gardeler

Beata Gardeler

Lovemore Meya Arts Correspondent
Zimbabwe’s film industry has a potential to grow faster if resources are availed because local filmmakers are heading in the positive direction, visiting Swedish film director, Beata Gardeler has said. Beata said this in an interview on the sidelines of the just-ended International Images Film Festival.

“I think there is always potential in this country’s film industry judging from what the filmmakers are producing right now. It is always great to have good film directors in every country.

“But, if you want to come up with a good production, you still need to have money and resources to do it better because it is difficult to do films without them (enough resources),” she said.

Beata said creating such platforms like the film festivals is a noble idea in empowering women.

“If you have hope for women and other film makers in this country, I think everybody could have something that creates employment and improve lives.

“Like in this festival, I have been watching a lot of interesting Zimbabwean documentaries for instance one of a female boxer by Esther Phiri. It was a complex feature of a woman and it is a great documentary.

“The woman was really strong, struggling and hard working at the same time doing something to sustain herself as a boxer,” said Beata.

Beata, a freelancer film maker who has seen it all for the past 15 years she has been in the industry, said for film makers to improve their productions should be versatile.

“Art and film demand a lot of effort and for one to improve their productions they should love to watch a lot of different stories from other countries.

“I have been into filming for the past 15 years and in coming up with a good production, you need to have a producer who is a good and believes in your story. That is very important,” she said.

“In film there are a lot of compromises, it deals with a lot of stress, it is vital to follow your mind as to what the film is all about since a lot of people will be questioning your ideas to the end.”

Beata who was in the country for a short period felt at home as she acknowledged the hospitality she received and promised to come back in future for other festivals.

The International Images Film Festival ran last week and showcased a number of films that explore women’s issues. Various international filmmakers graced the festival that also sought to promote upcoming local filmmakers.