Zimbabwean ageing tyrant Robert Mugabe heckled in Parliament

HARARE – President Mugabe State of the Nation Address, updates by Newsday. He gave an unusually short speech which has been widely ridiculed.\r\nmugabe\r\n\r\n“The country has pressed forward with measures towards sustained economic recovery; notwithstanding the suffering endured by many of our people on account of drought-induced food shortages, illegal sanctions and the high-price mania that has stalked the economy. Once again, I wish to thank all our people for their stoic resilience in the face of these challenges.\r\n\r\n15:31: Zanu PF members have started singing in praise of their leader,whilst the MDC MPs are singing ‘Zanu yaora baba”.\r\n\r\n15:30:Mugabe left the house amid chaos as opposition Mps asked him about the whereabouts of Dzamara and the promised 2 million jobs.\r\n\r\n15:27:Mugabe discusses salaries of senior management at state institutions and says the situation is below minimal…the common law provision must be removed in the law.\r\n\r\n15:24: “A new procurement bill is set to come before the end of the year to tackle corruption”\r\nMuagbe says the State procurement board will be transformed.\r\n\r\n15:20: Mugabe says he recognises the importance of reintergration with the international community.He says his government is finalizing a ‘Diaspora Policy’.\r\n\r\n“The government is looking at amending laws to allow ease of doing business in the country.”\r\n15:19: An MDC Mp shouts “zvaramba Gushungo”\r\n15:18 In the health sector he says 53 rural health centres will be built\r\n15:17:The President announces that 125 million dollars has been allocated for digital migration,he is hopeful that Zimbabwe will achieve the target.\r\n\r\n15:16:Mugabe says”The Small to Medium sector has become the source of livelihood” http://\r\n\r\n15:15: In his State of the nation address Mugabe promises to revive Cottco for small cotton growers. MDC Mps exhibirt skepticism as they ask Mugabe where the two million jobs promised by his government are.\r\n\r\n15:10 :Mugabe says the tourism sector continues to grow and that the financial services sector remains stable.\r\n\r\n15:10Mugabe says the economic growth rate was revised down due to drought. The President blames the slow and late onset of rains which have affected the economic growth rate.\r\n\r\n15:08 Mugabe says he will tackle corruption, MDC says it is corruption which has killed the country.\r\n\r\nThe house is full of noise as MDC Mps heckle Mugabe.\r\n\r\n15:06:Mugabe says his government has a 10 point plan to revive the agriculture, to grow the mining sector & SMEs. The MDC MPs however view his plan as mere promises.\r\n\r\n15:05:He says this day is to reflect the achievements made so far.He apys tribute to the security forces for peace.\r\n\r\n15:00:President Robert Mugabe has arrived to address the nation. NewsDay\r\nThe post Zimbabwean ageing tyrant Robert Mugabe heckled in Parliament appeared first on The Zimbabwe Mail.